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NASDAQ:CPLP 20 Oct 2014
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Company Overview

Capital Product Partners L.P. (Nasdaq: CPLP) is an international diversified shipping company and leader in the seaborne transportation of a wide range of cargoes, including oil, refined oil products and chemicals as well as dry cargo and containerized goods. Our vessels are chartered under medium- to long-term, fixed-rate time and bareboat charters with strong counterparties. We are well-positioned to benefit from the growth dynamics of the global shipping industry, and to capitalize on potential acquisition opportunities in the fragmented shipping market. A publicly traded master limited partnership, CPLP was formed early in 2007 with a mission to maintain and extend its leadership position in the tanker shipping industry. The Partnership is a C-Corp. for tax purposes (our U.S. investors receive the standard 1099 form and not a K-1 form). For more information on Capital Product Partners L.P. please see our Annual Report 2013 (on Form 20-F).

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